Collaboration with LBA & Everhart Musuem

To Commemorate the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, Exhibit A collaborated with the Lackawanna Bar Association and the Everhart Museum to host a Continuing Legal Education event for Bar Association members.   More than 70 attendees visited the Everhart for the CLE entitled Lessons for Lawyer: Learning from D-Day.  It was an honor to be part of this special event with (in the back row) Attorney Patrick Walsh, Attorney John Krisa, Assistant US Attorney & Author Fran Sempa, Bar President Attorney Malcolm MacGregor, Attorney Paul Keeler (in the front row) Museum Curator Nezka Pfeifer, Exhibit A Leah Kane, and Bar Executive Director Lee Ann Munley. Attorney Marion Munley was also a presenter.    Exhibit A loaded iPads with the presenters' exhibits which allowed for easy viewing throughout the gallery space.   


In the Classroom

Exhibit A's Leah Kane was very proud to be invited by the 2nd grade class at Our Lady of Peace School to participate in Parent Sharing Day.   The event held during the last week in January 2014 during Catholic Schools week is an opportunity to teach young people about various careers.  Leah was delighted to show the 19 eager students some of the presentations that she has prepared in various types of cases.  The children asked great questions.  As a special treat,  Leah prepared a short video for the children showing some of the highlights of their year so far in Mrs. Rubano's classroom.


Exhibit A Expands Into Oklahoma

We are very pleased to announce that Tara O'Mahony has opened an Exhibit A office in Tulsa Oklahoma.  She brings 16 years of sales and marketing experience with the world’s largest pharmaceutical company. 


Tara will focus on collaborating with litigators in Tulsa and Oklahoma City to develop compelling presentations for settlement conferences, mediations and arbitrations.  She is a smart, dedicated professional that will bring a fresh perspective on how to "sell" a case to the opposition.  




Power in the Palm of Your Hand

JP Cardoni & Leah Kane, working in conjunction with the Lackawanna Bar Association and Luzern County Law & Library Association, developed a seminar for CLE credit entitled "iPad for Litigators."  During this one hour seminar, attendees learned how to use the iPad to improve day-to-day activities like making notes on a deposition and how to wirelessly command the jurors’ attention in the courtroom.  

At the request of a client in attendance at the seminar, we conducted an in house training session for the attorney and six members of his staff to recieve more hands on experience with various applications to improve the office work flow.  Contact us today for more information.  


Exhibit A at Luzerne County Bench Bar

Exhibit A had the pleasure of attending the Luzerne  County Bench Bar Conference and Seminar on November 8, 2012 .   We were delighted to assist on Attorney Neil O’Donnell, our longtime client and friend, as he presented on the topic Corporate Designate Depositions Under Federal Rule 30 (b)(6) and Pa R.C.P.4007.1(e) with Video Clips.

Neil delivered an insightful and highly entertaining guide for his colleagues on the benefits of videotaping the depositions of corporate representatives.   Please note below the smiling faces of his adoring audience as they chuckled during what could have been a very dull  topic.  

Exhibit A worked closely with Neil to select appropriate clips from a number of different cases.  Neil kindly noted, "Exhibit A provides state-of-the-art litigation support in all phases of a case, from discovery through closing argument.  Joe, Leah and JP regularly assist in our firm’s electronic presentations, and their keen insights on persuasion are truly invaluable.  Exhibit A adds value to every single case.”