At Exhibit A, we've had the honor of working with some of the best law firms in the PA/NJ area, including:

Archer Greiner
Anzalone Law Offices
Baker, Pedersen & Robbins
Berman, Sauter, Record & Jardim
Law Offices of Harry Coleman
Lackawanna County District Attorney
Distasio & Kowalski, LLC
Dougherty, Leventhal & Price
Law Offices of Conrad Falvello
Frank Law Associates
Foley Law Firm 
Foley, Cognetti, Comerford, Cimini and Cummins
Law Offices of Thomas Helbig
Hollstein, Keating, Cattell, Johnson & Goldstein
Law Office of Hanan Isaacs
Kreder Brooks Hailstone LLP
Kline & Specter
Kornblau & Kornblau
Kurtz & Revness
Law Offices of Patrick Lavelle
Locks Law Firm
Mandelbaum, Salsburg, Gold, Laziris, Discenza
March, Hurwitz & DeMarco
Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin
McDonald & MacGregor
McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter
Law Offices of Michael Mey
Jill H. Miller & Associates
Mullaney & Mullaney
Munley, Munley & Cartwright, PC
O'Donnell Law Offices
The Powell Law Firm
Richman, Berenbaum & Associates
Rinaldi & Rinaldi
Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald
Law Offices of Frank Santomauro
Scartelli Olszewski
Schenck, Price, Smith & King
Stark & Stark
Law Office of Howard Teitelbaum
Weber, Gallagher, Simpson, Stapleton, Fires & Newby
Wright & Reihner
Zarwin, Baum, DeVito, Kaplan, Schaer & Toddy
Ziff Law Frim, LLP
Law Offices of Mark R. Zimmer