Exhibit A at Luzerne County Bench Bar

Exhibit A had the pleasure of attending the Luzerne  County Bench Bar Conference and Seminar on November 8, 2012 .   We were delighted to assist on Attorney Neil O’Donnell, our longtime client and friend, as he presented on the topic Corporate Designate Depositions Under Federal Rule 30 (b)(6) and Pa R.C.P.4007.1(e) with Video Clips.

Neil delivered an insightful and highly entertaining guide for his colleagues on the benefits of videotaping the depositions of corporate representatives.   Please note below the smiling faces of his adoring audience as they chuckled during what could have been a very dull  topic.  

Exhibit A worked closely with Neil to select appropriate clips from a number of different cases.  Neil kindly noted, "Exhibit A provides state-of-the-art litigation support in all phases of a case, from discovery through closing argument.  Joe, Leah and JP regularly assist in our firm’s electronic presentations, and their keen insights on persuasion are truly invaluable.  Exhibit A adds value to every single case.”


Exhibit A Sponsors Abington T-Ball Team

Nothing says summer like an afternoon on the baseball diamond. 

A lively group of 5 and 6 year-olds took to Ackerly Field in bright purple shirts sporting the Exhibit A name. Finn Kane, future Exhibit A consultant, donned number 13 for his team. The kids had a great season.  It is a toss up whether they liked hitting a coached pitch ball or swarming the concession stand for a slushie more.  We thank the coaches that gave freely of their time to teach the kids about the mechanics of the game and being a good sport.  GOOOO Exhibit A. 


Celebrate Good Times

Joe Cardoni founded Exhibit A in 1999.  His son, JP, while still in school was soon providing trial prep and technical support becoming a familar face in courtrooms in and around Scranton.  JP opened the Philadelphia office of Exhibit A in 2005 upon graduating from Penn State.   Never one to miss out on the fun, JP's sister, Leah, left the advertising world for Exhibit A in 2003.  

One of the nice things about being in a family business is working closely with people you love and sharing good times together.  We recently celebrated a milestone with a surprise 30th birthday party for JP held at The South Philly Stringband Hall.  Family and friends from all stages of his life turned out to toast (and roast) him. It was only fitting that Exhibit A create a presentation featuring highlights from JP's illustrious childhood.  You've come a long way, little brother!  



Welcome to Exhibit A 

We provide creative and technical support to help you tell your side of the story.  

We started our business in the courtroom but increasingly Exhibit A has been adding real value for our clients in the conference room during mediation, arbitration and settlement conferences.       

So how does it work?  

We meet with you, get an overview of your case and gather some key exhibits.  

We begin to assemble a presentation that could be utilized for a medation or perhaps an opening statement.  

We review this with you and collaborate.   

Exhibit A brings a unique persepective from our prior experience in business, advertising and psychology combined with the our involvement on more than five hundred cases. 


Check Out Exhibit A at ATLAS 


The Exhibit A team is delighted to be pesenting at the ATLAS Lawyer Group Conference.

The ATLAS Lawyers Group is a non-profit organization that conducts seminars that bring together some of the most talented and innovative lawyers from across the country to share their views on how to market and manage a thriving 21st century law firm."   

The three-day conference is the organized each year by Chris Munley, partner at Munley, Munley & Cartwright, and founding member of ATLAS Lawyer Group.  Scranton's Raddison Lackawanna Station Hotel will be the venue for the conference from Oct 5-7, 2011.    

Exhibit A will be presenting on October 5 at 1:30PM sharing our insights on creating dynamic and compelling presentations for use during mediations, arbitrations and settlement conferences.