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Exhibit A at Luzerne County Bench Bar

Exhibit A had the pleasure of attending the Luzerne  County Bench Bar Conference and Seminar on November 8, 2012 .   We were delighted to assist on Attorney Neil O’Donnell, our longtime client and friend, as he presented on the topic Corporate Designate Depositions Under Federal Rule 30 (b)(6) and Pa R.C.P.4007.1(e) with Video Clips.

Neil delivered an insightful and highly entertaining guide for his colleagues on the benefits of videotaping the depositions of corporate representatives.   Please note below the smiling faces of his adoring audience as they chuckled during what could have been a very dull  topic.  

Exhibit A worked closely with Neil to select appropriate clips from a number of different cases.  Neil kindly noted, "Exhibit A provides state-of-the-art litigation support in all phases of a case, from discovery through closing argument.  Joe, Leah and JP regularly assist in our firm’s electronic presentations, and their keen insights on persuasion are truly invaluable.  Exhibit A adds value to every single case.”

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